Tate Display Typeface

This university project was initiated by my love of typography and letterform design. I have a keen interest in typographic design and wanted to explore typographic design and function. I chose to produce a display typeface for the new Tate Modern opening in June 2016. The typeface shall be applicable for all forms of wayfinding and signage.

The glyphs have been developed for fast paced environments with a high volume of traffic. The geometric sans serif typeface was designed with a large x-height in order to increase legibility at greater distances and aid visibility. The typeface was constructed to withstand problematic legibility scenarios such as blur and sharp viewing angles.

From the beginning of the design process it became evident that the glyphs should be refined to their most rudimental form. This enhances the legibility of the characters and helps ensure that people with a degree of vision impairment or a learning disability are able to clearly identify characters through the shape recognition of words.